Convenient Shopping

Five kids, full-time business, family commitments and only 24 hours in a day! Every year, usually around the holiday shopping seasons, the news talks about all these statistics of brick and mortar stores versus online shopping. I don’t have an aversion to going to a store and walking the aisles. I actually enjoy grocery trips sometimes. However with the amount of things I have to do some days and the fact that I like to sleep at night I LOVE online shopping. I buy all kinds of things online. Clothes, food, games, toys, house items, electronics. Basically anything to be honest. I would say 95% of my online purchases come from Yes, I am an affiliate member and do get a percent of sales driven from my site but I was a buyer on their site WAY before I started this blog or affiliate marketing. Amazon is everywhere these days and for good reason. Their AMAZON PRIME account gives me free shipping and handling on almost all my purchases and I get it in two days. So unless I have an oh crap moment where I forgot about a birthday party or school event being held that day I am able to order something on a Tuesday and have it by Thursday afternoon delivered to my door. Who wouldn’t want that. There are other online stores I buy from too but with my prime account, Amazon is my most frequented.

Another great perk of a prime account is there special deals for members only. You can buy items at a discount, get access to movies, shows, music, games including a twitch account, ebooks, audio books and more for free or reduced prices. I could rave for hours on all the things I’ve purchased and tools I utilize from Amazon but check it out for yourself with a free trial.

Click on the image below for an exclusive 30-day free trial of prime. Prime Day is July 16th and you will get amazing deals. It is well worth your time to give all these features a try!


Video Games for Pre-Teens and Teens

With three kids into the teens we have a lot of gaming going on in my house. Playstation 4, Xbox One, iPhones, iPads. Electronics are big in our house. My daughter is the lucky one with her own Xbox in her room. The twins have to share Playstation with their little brother but we manage to make taking turns work. The great thing about electronics and my children love for them is they work great as incentive tools. The remotes can be put away and when the kids earn gaming time they can be doled out like candy to a baby. Its a great reward for them to slip their headphones on and enter a world part from the chaos of screaming toddlers. These are some of their current favorites and the best investment pieces for an amazing gaming experience. Teens don’t ask for a lot of stuff for holidays but if we invest in quality items they will last many years.

The set up: You gotta get a good set up for the true experience. Once they really find a game that they love you could even look into live streaming on Twitch or YouTube and they can earn their own spending cash if they build enough viewers.

This is probably THE NUMBER ONE game right now across all consoles. Fortnite is a multiple player survival game and this digital code gives you access to it all. Battle Royal and Save the World mode are two games in one. Save the World mode lets you and up to three friends save the world after an apocalyptic event. You can also earn what’s called v-bucks to spend on upgrades and new features in both modes.

This is my daughters ultimate game. She loves becoming submerged in the intricate puzzle of battle and winning the war. The graphics are fantastic and with the headphones on she can really feel like she’s on the ground fighting the fight. This is her favorite game to live stream.

Another game that my daughter streams is Black Ops 3 is the current version but 4 comes out October 2018. In this Call of Duty the setting is more futuristic. You get to choose from three different game plays including campaign, multiplayer, and zombie.Pre-order and beta version play is available now for BO4.

The twins play this on and offline but really enjoy being online with their friends and creating their battle strategies. With three modes of play there is always a new battle around the next turn.

These are the headphones the whole family uses. Well worth the investment with wireless connection and easy charging. Especially great for games like those above that have quiet sounds like footsteps.

For PS

For Xbox

These remotes are fun additions to the basic ones that come with a new console. It helps to have different remotes when playing multiplayer to easily tell them apart after a snack break. Plus they just look really cool. Controllers are available in many colors for both platforms.

For Playstation

For Xbox

Video Gaming Starts Young These Days

My three older boys share a playstation and at times I feel like I’m in a war zone when they start fighting over who’s turn it is or who had it longer. Its great when I can find a game they all like to play and even better when I can find one they can play together. Sometimes they will even shock me and sit and watch the other one play and…. take turns. It’s a true miracle when there is no yelling, no fighting, and no tattling for more than 15 minutes.

If your in the market for a gaming system check out both these systems. Playstation 4 or Xbox One. I feel its more of a personal preference for which one is best. They both have a huge selections of games and many of them can be played by a wide age range. The youngest one that plays is six. If your wondering about the thousands of games out there that you can trust your young one to play and not grow up too fast these are some that I love and keep my son busy for hours (if I let him). Click on the image to view more info.

Lego makes a bunch of games based of of popular movies and they all are basically the same idea. Complete the missions and beat the bad guys. Sometimes you can play as the bad guy too so its fun to change it up sometimes.

This game includes a pad that connects to the console and you put figures on. We started with this Star Wars bundle pack. Each figure activates a character in the game. My son told me that when I am a millionaire I need to buy him every character. I told him I will get right on that….

Here are some of the additional characters that are available. There are way too many to list them all:

Star Wars: Rise Against the Empire Bundle

MARVEL’S Black Panther



Mickey Mouse

We started with this Batman Lego Dimensions starter pack then you can get story packs to add a whole new world to the game like this Ghostbusters one.

Then they have add ons similar to the Disney Infinity game above. These let you add more characters and stories to your game. Check out some of these below.

Ghostbusters level pack

Fantastic Beast Story Pack

Harry Potter team pack

E.T. fun pack

My twins play this game more than their brother but even he can get into it and its not too challenging to just run around for fun. The twins really focus on the missions and completing all the tasks. IT is rated T for teens but I let my younger play too. This game does require an online account and can not be played offline.

We bought this with our newest PS console as a bundle. It is also rated T for teen but if your ok with the Star Wars movies then there is nothing worse in this game. You can also play online with other players. They don’t play it as often as others but when they do its like they can’t stop until they complete a mission.