Convenient Shopping

Five kids, full-time business, family commitments and only 24 hours in a day! Every year, usually around the holiday shopping seasons, the news talks about all these statistics of brick and mortar stores versus online shopping. I don’t have an aversion to going to a store and walking the aisles. I actually enjoy grocery trips sometimes. However with the amount of things I have to do some days and the fact that I like to sleep at night I LOVE online shopping. I buy all kinds of things online. Clothes, food, games, toys, house items, electronics. Basically anything to be honest. I would say 95% of my online purchases come from Yes, I am an affiliate member and do get a percent of sales driven from my site but I was a buyer on their site WAY before I started this blog or affiliate marketing. Amazon is everywhere these days and for good reason. Their AMAZON PRIME account gives me free shipping and handling on almost all my purchases and I get it in two days. So unless I have an oh crap moment where I forgot about a birthday party or school event being held that day I am able to order something on a Tuesday and have it by Thursday afternoon delivered to my door. Who wouldn’t want that. There are other online stores I buy from too but with my prime¬†account, Amazon is my most frequented.

Another great perk of a prime account is there special deals for members only. You can buy items at a discount, get access to movies, shows, music, games including a twitch account, ebooks, audio books and more for free or reduced prices. I could rave for hours on all the things I’ve purchased and tools I utilize from Amazon but check it out for yourself with a free trial.

Click on the image below for an exclusive 30-day free trial of prime. Prime Day is July 16th and you will get amazing deals. It is well worth your time to give all these features a try!