So I guess I should start with a brief introduction. My name is Kristina. I am a wife and mother of five. My kids range from teen to toddler. I had my first kids young and got a crash course in parenting. After working hard to get through nursing school and finally being in our own place my husband, John, and I decided to have another baby.  There is a seven-year age gap between what I call phase one and phase two of my children. The oldest are in high school and middle school with the next just finishing up kindergarten and one who is still in diapers. After baby number four we did a gestational surrogacy which you can ready more about here:Gestational Carrier. We then got pregnant with baby five and needed to buy a bigger place for our growing family. We moved while I was about six months pregnant.

A month after my youngest was born we had come to the conclusion that I would not be returning to nursing. There were a lot of factors that drove us to that decision. I still needed something to do during the day but knew it needed to fit into my schedule other than me trying to break my back to make something outside of the home work. I decided to open a home daycare center in the Fall of 2016. Nursing and childcare have some similarities but it was certainly a change of pace. I’ve enjoyed being home for my kids and spending my days growing my daycare family and watching even more children learn and grow.

I hope by starting this site I can share some of my ups and downs with all of you, give you a few laughs now and then, and give you my thoughts on the massive maze that is parenthood.







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